Best Beef Soup Recipe

My mother in law had a whole lot of beef soup bones in her freezer that she just didn’t want or need. So with all my creativity and curiosity, I chucked a bunch of stuff into a pot and made a fabulous soup. My family and I really enjoyed it, so, with the cold weather well on its way, I figured I would share the recipe with you.

First and most importantly, after your beef bone is thawed, be sure to thoroughly wash it. No soap, though. Then put it in a preheated oven at 350F for 45-60 minutes. Be sure not to burn it. After it is cooked through, place beef bone in a pot and cover with water. I make sure its covered by about 1/2 inch. Simmer on low heat while preparing vegetables.

Now you need to wash and chop your vegetables. I like to use carrots, celery, corn, tomatoes, garlic, zucchini, and onions. Toss it into the pot and continue to simmer. Cut meat off the bone and return to the pot.

Add in the beer and bay leaves. I love bay leaves so I put  4 in but if you’re not a fan 2 should be ok.

Let simmer for a couple of hours. I let mine simmer extra long. About half hour before its done, I like to add extra meat. Just chop it into bite size pieces and throw them in. Add in salt, pepper, garlic powder, and basil to taste.

This is a great crock pot recipe as well!

1 Beef soup bone (plus 2 beef cuts of choice optional)

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can whole kernel corn

1 zucchini

1 onion

3 carrots

4 celery stalks

3 cloves garlic (minced)

Bay leaves

6oz beer

Salt pepper garlic powder and basil


9 Running Tips – Getting Started

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Bye Bye Thunder Thighs XOXO

Running your first mile is the hardest. And the least fun.

My very first mile after having my kids was awful. I mean, I literally could have walked faster. But I ran the whole thing. Not one walking step. The whole 20 minutes. Yes I ran a 20 minute one mile. And that is the key to getting started. It doesn’t matter how slow you are going, as long as you keep going.

1. Focus on your breathing. This can benefit you in many ways. Try breathing in while landing on your right foot for 3 counts (give or take, depending on your pace) and out on, while landing on your left foot for 3 counts. Keep it steady and stay calm. The more frantic and worked up you feel about breathing the harder it is. Just relax and count steadily and focus.

Not only does this help you keep…

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My Special Little Boy

I honestly do not really know how to begin here. My son has an extremely rare chromosome disorder. Inverted Duplication Deletion of 8p, or invdupdel8p. In 2008 there was a news article about an 8 (ish) year old girl who has it and there were 4 confirmed cases worldwide and it was not even named yet. In 2011-12 another site says that there were less than 50 known cases worldwide. All cases are De Novo meaning “new” (genetic, not passed down from parents). There is a 1/33,000 chance of a child to be born with this. If you do have a child with it, your chances of having another baby with it goes up to 1% that is 1/100. That is a bigger chance than me getting pregnant on my birth control! So my husband and I decided not to have any more kids, which breaks my heart. Nearly (if not all) of the people with it have low muscle tone, global developemental delays, and moderate to severe learning disabilities.

I was told by the genetic counselor that we should not expect much verbal communication from him, but he will be able to communicate through a communication device (touch pictures and a computer will speak for him). He may walk around age 4, IF he is motivated. Common issues are cleft palate, kidney and heart issues, small airways, GERD, seizures and epilepsy, along with feeding problems, autism, and sensory issues.

Somehow, my son has only a high palate (which i also have) small airways, and he outgrew his reflux. He can can eat ok but is still on baby food and rice cereal at 15 months. He has trigger finger (his fingers get stuck in the bent position) and is due to have surgery to fix that very soon. He is the most laid back, happy, affectionate, content child I have ever met. He LOVES life, Mommy and Daddy, big sister and her friends, puppies, bathie time, and playing on his tablet. He loves to be read to and kissed and hugged.. and he is SUPER ticklish.


At almost 1 1/2 he still cant sit up by himself or crawl. He can scoot around on his back by pushing with his legs.

We discovered his disorder almost a year ago. I love my son very much, and I would love to say I wouldnt change anything about him. But that is not true. I wish he was a typical child, I would keep his personality 100% but I would want him to be able to keep up with his friends and peers. I would make other parents stop being shocked when they learn he is older than 6 months. I dont want him to be picked on in school, or to watch the other children play soccer while he has to stay on the sidelines. I dont want to worry about what will happen to him when my husband and I are too old to care for him.. you hear all these horror stories about disabled people being abused, and every time i  look into my little boys hopeful, kind and bright eyes I cant help but worry that he may be the victim of that someday. You see I dont want to change him because of all his therapies or doctor appointments or all the hard work I put in to helping him be the absolute best he can be.. all that is nothing compared to what I am concerned about. It doesnt even phase me. I love all the extra time and attention I get to give him, and he loves it too.


Sometimes it is really hard tho. A friend of mine had her little boy 2 days or so after mine. She posts pictures of him on facebook and he is just the cutest little thing! I love seeing those pictures, but at the same time, I see him playing on the playground running around, or standing up, or holding onto a toy, hugging his big sister, or feeding himself.. all things mine just cant do.. and I get this wave of.. i dont know.. jealousy, pain, sadness.. a deep sorrow gripping relentessly onto my soul. Sometimes I lay in bed wondering if maybe i am dreaming and I will suddenly wake up. Maybe this is one of those craaaazy pregnancy dreams! Or maybe Ill wake up in the hospital still, or possibly he is still 4 weeks old! But every time I know within my heart its not a dream.

Sometimes I climb into his crib and just lay there, holding him so tight.. Just not wanting to let him go. Because sometimes, if I close my eyes and just feel his little arms resting on my shoulders, it feels like everything is normal. Every now and again I just cant keep it together anymore and I break down and cry on his chest or the crook of his neck. When I look up at him, there he is with those sweet, adoring eyes, and he smiles a huge smile at me. And I know I wouldnt wish for anything else than for him to be happy and it provides me with enough comfort to get through the day, knowing he isnt sad or lonely or hurting.


Im still  in the denial phase. You know. The “well maybe he has a mild case” or “maybe it will only affect him physically” and I wonder if that will one day pass as well.

I hate when people say “this too shall pass” or things like that. That honesly is no comfort. My family and I have not told very  many people of his diagnosis. I just dont want all the stares and such, I just want to enjoy my baby.

Please dont judge me for how I feel, this is really hard for me to talk about and I know it sounds kinda messed up. I love my boy more than anything and I am so proud to call him my son. I just needed a vent. If any of you have kids or siblings or cousins or anyone that is disabled you are more than welcome to tell me about them and your experience or how you coped with it at first. And dont be afraid to ask questions either.

Partial-Birth Abortion

Abortion. Personally I am against them, but I also believe in the freedom for people to decide for themselves. I agree that abortions should be legal, but I would never get one unless I was going to DIE if I kept it.

Well. Today I learned what a Partial Birth Abortion was. I am completely shocked and disgusted.

Typically it is performed during the second and third trimester.. 3 months along or MORE. The goal is to give birth to a dead baby.

A Partial Birth Abortion is exactly what it sounds like. The baby is partially birthed and then aborted. The process is brutal and inhumane. Completely and totally HEARTLESS. If any of you have children, imagine your child going through this.

First, the baby is brought into the breech position, which is feet first, with forceps. Then the mother delivers the legs, arms, and body of her baby, leaving the head inside the birthing canal. Then they STAB the baby in the back of the HEAD with a sharp instrument (sort of like scissors) then SUCK THE BRAIN OUT.. which results in the baby’s skull collapsing. And then the baby is birthed the rest of the way. Dead.

This is banned in the US except for in medical emergencies where the mothers life depends on it. Which I understand but my GOD that is so cruel. There has to be a better way.

What baffles me is that some people are okay with this!! Some people decide they want an abortion half way through their pregnancies. For reasons OTHER than medical. I mean, what the hell? There have been several attempts in the past to make them legal, supposedly. Anyone who thinks this is okay, just for the convenience of the mother, is a sick individual and needs to be professionally evaluated. Seriously.

People should be thankful they can even HAVE kids. I would give anything to be able to have more children, while other people are just running around wishing they could kill the tiny little person they have been growing for months. Fucking sickening.

**some information may not be 100% accurate, I am not a doctor or politician, and my sources could be inaccurate. If you find other information on it, and feel the need to, please feel free to share it in the comments.**

My Kids Cakes

My best friend is REALLY good at making cakes. So. Being the best friends that we are, whenever my kids have a birthday, she comes over the night before and the day of to help me prep and make the cake.

I am one of those pinterest people. You know. And usually its an epic fail. (See exhibit A)

Exhibit A

Exhibit A (note: Neither I, nor my friend, made this cake or took the picture)

Well. My friend and I, well call her *Liz, ALWAYS expect a hilarious outcome like this. And.. SO FAR.. it hasn’t happened! they come out BEAUTIFUL. Ok so for my daughters 2nd birthday, we decided on this cake.

Pinterest version

                       Pinterest version

And this is how ours came out!

Our version

Our version

Not too shabby I would say! (note: we totally have that on my father in laws mud flap from his western star semi. Don’t worry, it was brand new lol)

So then recently I had my sons birthday. So Liz came over and we made a cake for him too. His birthday theme was “The Little Engine That Could” / “Thomas the Train”

This is what we were aiming for..

Pinterest version

Pinterest version

This is how ours turned out. I would like to point out the fact that a sweet little girl we know as Liz’s daughter stuck her grubby little fingers on the train tracks so that is why its a smidge smooshed. Adds character, I say.

Our version!

Our version!

I think they both turned out FABULOUS and I would like to thank my bff super loudly in public but I will save her that awkward moment and just say it here. Thanks Liz! I know I tell you all the time but YOUR THE BEST!

And to any Thomas the Train fanatics, yeah, I know that train is his friend whatever-the-hell-his-name-is Gordon.. they were out of Thomas so shh. Besides, no one notices. It’s only his eyebrows… seriously..

Oh and then this happened the day after the party. And I really loathe myself for it..

well THAT happened..

well THAT happened..

So happy birthday, Mikey, Mommy ate your cake.

*name was not changed for security purposes.. that’s actually her name.